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"KingBAD… don't call me baby, and get out of my house you creep!"

General Discussion 07/15/19 2:36pm

Austin Butler cast as Elvis Presley in biopic

Music: Non-Prince 07/15/19 2:30pm

Prince PA for USA Musicology Tour?

Prince: Music and More 07/15/19 12:35pm

A question for BartVanHemelen

General Discussion 07/15/19 9:37am

Jane Child, don't wanna fall in love.

Music: Non-Prince 07/15/19 8:28am

Uninvited guest

Prince: Music and More 07/14/19 8:12pm

persistent Turd tweeting racist comments

Politics & Religion 07/14/19 7:24pm

I think I spotted a non-Prince fan wearing a Prince shirt

Prince: Music and More 07/14/19 6:44pm

Janet Jackson to Tell All in New 10-Part Netflix Series

Music: Non-Prince 07/14/19 6:02pm

Prince songs & albums that you initially disliked but eventually grew on you

Prince: Music and More 07/14/19 2:04pm


Music: Non-Prince 07/14/19 1:06pm

Female teachers being arrested for sex with students

Politics & Religion 07/14/19 5:32am

Racism exists in every race

Politics & Religion 07/14/19 5:27am

AOC vs Pelosi ; Congressional Black Caucus vs Justice Democrats

Politics & Religion 07/14/19 5:15am

The Versace Experience (RSD 2019) K7

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 07/14/19 1:48am

Ozone - Gonna Miss My Love(New 2019 Funk)

Music: Non-Prince 07/14/19 12:24am

This Made My Day aka "For Those Who Like To See People Win!"

Music: Non-Prince 07/13/19 9:54pm

One Night Alone live! Wow

Prince: Music and More 07/13/19 9:01pm

The Max

Prince: Music and More 07/13/19 1:38pm

"avez-vous un crayon? that's French, understand?"

General Discussion 07/13/19 11:06am

Ken Doh - "I Need A Lover." Prince sample?

Music: Non-Prince 07/13/19 4:42am

"Descendants - Rotten to the Core" and My Name is Prince.... or My Name is Bart

Music: Non-Prince 07/13/19 12:56am

Looking 4 Prince shirts💜💜

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 07/13/19 12:14am

Prince shirts

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 07/13/19 12:10am

Inside Prince's $50 million LA home

Prince: Music and More 07/12/19 8:27pm